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I have been a qualified and passionate fitness instructor in York for over 30 years and for the last 15 have taught Yoga loving every minute of it. I like the fact that Yoga gives me an active meditation, quietens my mind, lets me control my breath but at the same time my body is stronger and more flexible than it ever has been. In search of more I discovered and qualified in Ashtanga with Yoga master Brian Cooper and have loved the challenges that it has set me, Ashtanga satisfies my bodies need for a good workout yet my body has never felt so open, stretched and my posture so aligned my time on the mat has taught me everything from humility to having a sense of humour.

Over the years I have had the honour of practicing with some great international teachers Manju Jois, David Swenson and Kino MacGregor my goal is one day find my way to Mysore in India and learn under the guidance of some of the great teachers there. I teach all my classes to suit all levels and like to create a friendly, relaxed environment.

Yoga is now an intrinsic part of my life and has helped me navigate through life’s challenges with my help and teachings I would like to make it part of yours.

Namaste Laura

I started with yoga in 1998 in the Czech Republic when I picked a correspondence yoga course book by Svami Gitananda Giri. Practising for 17 years made me realise the learning process never ends. Living in modern society and getting on with everyday life, accepting all it has to offer can come as pleasurable but can also be a whirlwind experience at times.

Being spiritually aware made me very vulnerable to the outside world and yoga helped me with troublesome late teen years when I questioned the life purpose from all perspectives. The grounding effect of yoga is undeniable. The connection it creates between the mind and body is outwordly and although being also a fitness enthusiast (HIIT, running, swimming, circuits) I admit it is always yoga which reconnects me with my inner self and rebalances me for everyday life.

I started my teaching journey in 2009 with Zen Buddhist Daizan Roshi.  I love teaching meditative classic hatha yoga but also creative fluid vinyasa. I promote self focus, moving with ease, and independence to help students discover their practise that will best serve them as individuals. Trained in other modalities (Indian head massage, Quantum touch, Angelic Reiki, Theta Healing, Art Therapy) and being enthusiastic about raw food nutrition and juicing is strengthening my belief that all can be helped and healed with changes in life-style.

Stay happy, healthy, flexible, strong, balanced and blissful!

See you in the class. xx

Clare Plunkett

I have been conscientiously practising yoga for the last three years but have played at practising yoga for over 12 years. One of the UK’s leading yogis Barbara Currie taught my first classes and at 73-years-old proved age was not a barrier to flexibility, strength and well-being. However, life’s challenges and circumstances meant I put yoga on hold until we moved to Thailand and there, I not only rediscovered the practise, but also was introduced to hot yoga. I was hooked!  

Recognising that the heat and humidity was a friend to yoga, I found that not only did my flexibility improve, but my breathing technique too. Practising under the tutorage of yogi Jack Farras, I became a keen student of Hot Yang and found my body strength, posture, shape as well as physical and mental wellbeing improved.

I completed a 200-hour Hot Yoga Teacher training programme at the Absolute Yoga Academy in Koh Samui, Thailand in February 2015. The course is certified by the international teacher training registry, Yoga Alliance, as well as the American Council on Exercise (ACE). I have also done a 50-hour course in aerial yoga.

Since then I have taught studio classes at Yoga Republic in Phuket, Thailand, and have taught private lessons, but have now returned to my native Yorkshire to continue my yoga journey.

“What comes easy won’t last. What lasts won’t come easy.”


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I completed my 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with 'It's Yoga Thailand' in beautiful Koh Samui and was blessed to be able to teach yoga in Thailand before moving back to sunny York.

Yoga has been part of my life for over 9 years.  Especially after my back surgery, I have used my own practice to help me grow stronger, more flexible, and fearless, both on and off the yoga mat.

In my classes I love to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of mindfulness, and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice.

It's never too late to start yoga, no matter which condition you feel your body is in. 

"Body is not stiff, mind is stiff."— Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois


Come and join me and let me take your mind away...

I completed my 200hr Ashtanga Yoga training in 2014, shortly followed by a 50hr Rocket Yoga intensive with 'It's Yoga' after 5 years of practice. I came to yoga through the path of injury, not only physically but also emotionally, I have always been very active running, weights, circuit training and cycling but came up against injury time and time again. My first ever class was with Rob Leadley an amazing York based yoga instructor and I fell in love with the way it challenged me in so many ways, whilst also healing my body on a much deeper level, I always joke and say that yoga saved me... but it really did! 

I love Ashtanga but I think I love 'The Rocket' a bit more due to it being less rigid in structure, in this style of practice students are encouraged to make their own interpretation of the traditional asana and can remove or modify binding postures that tend to cause students to get stuck in the traditional series. This allows the

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method to be accessible by everyone and even those who may have structural disabilities who would otherwise not be able to practice traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga methods.

I hope to share my love of yoga with you, I believe yoga is a tool to finding a way to love the bodies and minds we are in, and constantly leads us to be in awe of what we can achieve! 

Namaste x

Clare has been practising yoga for health and pleasure for over 10 years. In 2013 she combined her interest in yoga and a lifelong ambition visit its birthplace – India. Here she undertook a 200 hour yoga alliance teacher training course and also fell in love with India. On returning to the UK, Clare began teaching yoga in York combining this with cooking for a living in various parts of the UK and Europe. In 2014 Clare chose to deepen her knowledge of yoga and returned to India in 2014 where she trained at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai before travelling around the south of India, teaching yoga in Goa, spending time at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Kerala and taking part in the 10 day silent mediation retreat – vipassana. Clare now teaches yoga at the studio, and enjoys sharing her knowledge of yoga to help people lead happier, healthier lives through better knowing their body and mind and how they affect each other. Clare currently combines yoga teaching with working for the NHS as a data analyst.

Grace Young

I have always loved being active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regularly hiking, swimming and trampolining (since I was 7). Whilst in a stressful charity job in London, I needed another way to find calm and clarity. I joined a yoga class with my sister and quickly realised that yoga was not simply a sport I enjoyed, it was a lifestyle that I wished to pursue. With a relentless love of travelling I decided to o to India in January 2015 for 6 months to deepen my practice. I completed my 200 hour vinyasa teaching in Rishikesh and my 300 hour ashtanga and vinyasa training in Goa a few months later. 

After realising the power of yoga to transform our perspective, mental health, body image, as well as giving us great strength and flexibility, I knew that this could enefit those n a vulnerable situation.  I established a partnership with a Together Women Project, a charity that supports women transitioning from prison to community life. I taught weekly yoga nd mindfulness lasses, creating a safe and non-judgemental space for these women each week. I have been teaching at the University of York in the past year alongside studying for my MA degree. I will carry my yoga teaching wherever I go and I can’t wait to share this passion when teaching at Yogabomb.


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