It's an age thing....


It's an age thing....

Haven't managed to blog for a while, life has taken over and been a little hectic!

The last 6 months at Yogabomb have been amazing, lots of new faces and new teachers coming through the door.  Classes are filling up and the vibe around the place is awesome.

It's been lovely to watch friendships developing on and off the mat, creating a lovely sense of community about the studio.

I couldn't have asked for a better start to my business, 18 months in and Yogabomb has surpassed my expectations, and continues to excite, motivate and fill me with pride.

On a personal level I have realised that I need to take my foot off the gas a little.  Hence I have passed a few of my classes over to some of the other teachers.  I'm finding that my body keeps me going up to a certain extent but I really need to look after myself better and make sure that I allow time to recover from injury rather than just pushing through.

With a persistent hamstring problem (due to a drunken yoga challenge), 2 knees that scream at me every time I sit in easy pose, and a lower back problem that keeps coming back to haunt me, I really need to prioritise my fitness/health more.  I often joke about it and put it down to being 'an age thing' but if i keep trying to push through I'm going to do some permanent damage.  

I have just finished reading the inspirational book "Rise Sister Rise" by Rebecca Campbell where she talks about 'burning out';

Don’t rush the process. Allow the fruits of originality to ripen in their own sweet time, knowing there will always be plenty more where they came from. Don’t push yourself and dry out. Tend to your garden so that is is always fertile, so that you have new unique creations grow in your gardens each and every year. There is no race. There is no competition. Go steady and flourish. Commit to creating a life’s work, not a season.
— Rebecca Campbell

So from this point forward that is what I am going to (try to) do. I'm going to find the stamina to stay in the game, tend to my garden so that it is always fertile.  It's not just an age thing, it's acknowledging and accepting that I need to prioritise myself more, I need to ensure that I am functioning efficiently so that I can achieve my goal, be in it for life and not just a season

Namaste y'all  


We are so British!


We are so British!

Whilst on a recent visit to Whistler, Canada with the family for a spot of skiing, I managed to squeeze in a few yoga sessions at a local studio.  On my first visit I arrived 10 minutes early to a studio half the size of mine with 3 or 4 yogis already there.  As the start time approached there was a last minute flurry of arrivals resulting in 12 yogis laying down their mats for practice in the studio.  The studio was cosy and we all had enough mat space with a few centimetres either side of our mats to create a 'personal space'.  The practice was a hot one and an awesome flow, the teacher moved efficiently around the room giving  adjustments and modifications with ease.  At the end of the session I thanked the teacher and left the studio, stepping back out into the snow to retrieve my 'frozen' trainers!

The second class that I visited at that studio started off with a similar vibe, yogis hanging around wishing each other a Happy New Year and discussing their festivities..... but the studio door seemed to be continuously opening and yogi after yogi after yogi came in.  When the class started, 21 yogis were squeezed into the space, this time without the couple of centimetres to spare around our mats.  The regulars seemed comfortable with this so I went with it and found my breath, soon forgetting the space limitations around me.  As the practice went on we were guided through postures which involved sharing each other's mats and even assisting our neighbours by holding legs, feet etc.  At first I found this quite awkward but as time progressed I became more relaxed and really got into it.  It was actually quite liberating not being precious about personal space or whether someone else's sweat was dripping on my mat or theirs.  After all we were all there for the same reason, to practice yoga.  Again I left the studio to find my trainers frozen and felt energised and motivated by a new type of practice.

A week later I am back in York, in my own studio Yogabomb, teaching the wonderful yogis who come through the studio door each day.  Is it because we are 'very British' that we like to have personal space and feel unnerved/violated if someone gets too close?  I watch all of the yoga bombers setting up their mat spaces before class and there is generally 50cm or more around each mat creating an invisible shield, stopping anyone else from entering the space.  When there is a late arrival, there is sometimes a look of panic as yogis look around to work out where the extra mat will go.  What would happen if I increased the numbers allowed into the studio so we were practising mat to mat? Flipping our dogs into wild thing can often include a quick look to ensure there isn't anyone else's mat in the way.  Deep standing hip openers can find someone's foot in you face, but is this an invasion of personal space?  Is it a British thing?

I really enjoyed practising in a busy, full studio.  The sounds of the breath and yogis finding their flow was motivation itself.  Also helping a fellow yogi during a practice was rewarding, maybe helping them to get deeper into a posture.  And on the odd occasion that the domino effect happened, and 2, 3 or 4 yogis fell over, it created a light hearted feeling, causing laughter and smiles.  All of which should be in every yoga class right?

Maybe i'll give it a try one day


Yoga for 'normal people'...... Really??


Yoga for 'normal people'...... Really??

So not being the typical 'yogi' shape myself, one of my missions is to make yoga accessible to all.

Hence the tag line 'YOGA FOR NORMAL PEOPLE'

I want people to come to my studio and be able practice yoga to their own level, whatever that may be.  I want people to feel comfortable and not pressured to look or bend in a certain way.  So many studios, teachers and fellow class participants can make you feel self-conscious and not good enough.  Not giving you the feeling of inclusion, self acceptance and self-love that you should feel from a yoga class.

I can't achieve a lot of postures in yoga, my body doesn't bend as much as others, but that doesn't stop me from loving yoga and loving all of the benefits that I get from taking part in or from teaching a class.

Like a lot of ladies out there I have chest 'furniture' that can hinder yoga performance, I also have a well loved 'red wine baby belly' which has taken me years to develop (since first child).  These things can get in the way, they can stop you achieving certain postures and binds, they can stop you from breathing properly at times too!  But you just have to keep practising..... I often use the excuse that it is my arms that are not long enough or that my hands are slippy, but in truth if I lost a few pounds it would be much easier!  But who wants to diet?

I may not be able to bind in twisted lunge or breathe efficiently in plough.... but you know what, I have great strength, I can hold a headstand for ages, my chaturanga rocks and hovers perfectly off the mat, my dolphin is strong and my thighs can sit in that evil chair posture longer than most!  We all have our strengths and weaknesses both on and off the mat.  It's about finding yours and working with them.  Yes your yoga practice will constantly evolve, some days it will be better than others and it is important to turn up to your mat without expectation.  As long as you turn up to your mat and keep finding your flow.

Find a studio that fits your vibe.  If you feel uncomfortable, judged, or frowned upon then I say it's time to look for another studio.  Don't ever feel pressurised into forcing the posture, that normally results in injury.  Yogis should not judge or be judged

AHIMSA (non-harming, or non-violence) - As easy as remembering that all beings everywhere have the right to be happy and free.  
Ahimsa is mindfulness.  
Ahimsa is an idea that can grow into a reality if we will it so


My vibe attracts my tribe

Yogabomb - Hot Yoga in York for NORMAL PEOPLE




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Well I've done a year and what a year it has been!

Our first birthday bash was awesome..... 16 wonderful yogis joined me on their mats for a hot yoga flow, a few tears, a fuck it meditation and we even harmonised OMs.  Then as promised Jagerbombs at Yogabomb, downward dog (shaped) biscuits courtesy of six pack Sally and lots of prosecco - It was a lot of fun.

860 clients in a year, I'm so pleased with that.  I have met some wonderful new friends, we've shared hugs, tears, sweat, laughter, frustration and flows.  From complete yoga virgins to yogi gurus, yogis and yoginis of all ability levels have walked through the studio door and rolled out their mats.

The studio has held together pretty well, a few housekeeping issues but on the whole it's still looking good!

So what next.....

More of the same, I absolutely love my job.  

Even getting up at 6am to teach the pre-work class after falling into bed at 11pm the previous evening, as soon as the heaters click on, the mind clears, the breath lengthens and the flow starts I completely lose myself in the yogic feeling and what an amazing feeling it is.  The ability to share that feeling with so many other people is magical, I am so lucky to have the opportunity to do so.

Long may Yogabomb continue to tick.....

Namaste York Yogis and Yoginis!

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Yogabomb's 1st birthday, our first social AND an awards night!

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Yogabomb's 1st birthday, our first social AND an awards night!

How quickly is time flying by?  

Only 2 more weeks until it will be Yogabomb's 1st birthday!  A whole year of hot yoga in York!  I'm planning on celebrating with a crazy party themed hot yoga flow, starting with a F**K IT meditation where we all learn how to 'let that sh*t go'......... And ending with the much promised Jagerbombs at Yogabomb which I have been threatening since day one!

But before that I have the Best Business Women Awards Evening in Welwyn, Hertfordshire - Yes indeed.... I AM A FINALIST!!!!

So tomorrow evening I am getting all togged up, leaving my lycra at home and attending the Awards dinner with the moral support of hubby Greg, and my close friends Fran, Melissa and The Palmers.  I have been lucky enough to be shortlisted as a finalist for the Most Inspiring Business Woman award.  I will obviously be delighted if I win but I am also totally chuffed to be a finalist!  Fran has promised to dance on the table if I win so I will be posting photographic evidence all over social media if this is the case!

I really don't think of myself as being 'Inspirational' as i'm just doing something that I love and sharing that with others.  But apparently I am - who knew?

I also would like to mention our first Yogabomb Social which took place last Saturday ...... it ended with lots of gin, knock off fashion and a very bruised chin - that's all i'm saying about it.  But we will definitely be doing it again with the same amount of style and grace!  Watch the Yogabomb diary for details

Coming up soon at Yogabomb we also have;

  • Halloween Flow - Spooktacular flow and playlist and optional fancy dress
  • Yogabomb's 1st birthday flow with F**K IT meditation
  • Chakra Rebalancing 2 hour Workshop with DoTerra Essential Oils on November 18th - more details to follow

Well good luck for me for tomorrow, fingers crossed and all that!

See you on your mats soon Yogis!


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Award Entries and September Stupidity!

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Award Entries and September Stupidity!

September has been stupid!

Well it's fair to say that September has been a busy month at Yogabomb HQ.

September Stupidity has been an amazing success, 126 eager yogis signed up for 30 days of hot yoga for £30.  An absolute bargain for some!!  Some people just stuck to their usual 1 or 2 classes a week, still getting a saving on their regular price, others decided to really go for it and take the challenge.

We have 2 days left until the end of the month, this last week has seen a last minute flurry of bookings to get that final class in before September ends.  It has been a great way to reward  current Yogabombers, rekindle past Yogabombers and introduce new Yogabombers to the studio and to hot yoga in York.

Feedback has been really positive and the energy and vibe in and around the studio is awesome!  Lots of yogis have found their flow and detoxified their bodies like never before!

In a few days time I will collate the totals for the month and see who is chief Yogabomber and every name will be entered into the prize draw.

Award Entries are in!

I also decided to enter for a few women in business awards this month.  As if I don't have enough on with September Stupidity - I had to write thousands of words about myself and my business.  It sounds pretty easy but I found it so hard!  But to be fair once I got going I found it hard to keep within the word count!  Anyway I entered Yogabomb/me for the Best Business in Health and Wellness Industry and for the Most Inspiring Business Woman categories.  Nothing like leaving it until the last minute, the deadline was Tuesday 5pm and I posted mine on Monday with guaranteed delivery.  Fortunately they did receive my entry and I now have to wait to find out if I'm a finalist! The shortlist of finalists are announced next week so at least I don't have to wait long.

Entering these awards has made my realise how much I have achieved in the last eighteen months and how awesome I am! - No, seriously - how awesome Yogabomb has become.

I opened the yoga studio and put on the classes and teachers...... but it's all you wonderful yogis who turn up day after day, week after week, to find your flow on your mat, to live your yogic journey.  You guys make it all worthwhile..... Namaste. xx



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Yoga For Normal People

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Yoga For Normal People

It's coming up to the end of September and the children have been back to school for a few weeks now so inevitably I have caught a head cold from one of them.  Every down dog feels like my head is going to explode so I decided to take a day off from yoga - not a full one though that would never happen......  One of my gorgeous teachers kindly covered my morning classes and I arranged to go for a walk to clear my head.

I met up with some of my girlfriends for coffee and a natter, then two of us ventured out for a stomp along the river.  Melissa is a good friend of mine and also runs her own business, providing business owners with PR and Marketing skills, she definitely knows her stuff.....

Anyway, we started chatting about where our businesses were at this moment and ways in which we could take them further and develop ideas.  I struggle with being disciplined enough to write a blog on a weekly basis and this is an area that I really would like to work on.

So that is my intention for this week and going forward, I'm going to get my act together and start blogging... I might start bleating on about random things and go off on a tangent every now and again but my business tag line is 'YOGA FOR NORMAL PEOPLE' and that is what i am going to write about.  

How many ladies feel like they are going to suffocate themselves with their boobs in plough?

A lot of yoga teachers who you see online and in magazines (and in some studios) are bikini body perfect types who can bend into all sorts of unimaginable shapes, but in reality how many of us actually look like that and who can bend like that?  I don't and can't!

How many binds are elusive to people because they have a wine/beer belly?

Keep checking in with my blog and each week I am going to look at different postures, giving options for 'normal people'.  After all, yoga at Yogabomb is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, size or ability.  we all have our strengths and weaknesses, I have great upper body strength (for a girl) and a bendy back but my shoulders are tight and my arms are short (my excuse for not binding).  You don't have to be skinny and bendy to do yoga, just willing to give it a go and if that means adapting a posture for your body shape then that's fine too.  

It's all yoga baby!

Yogabomb.... the home of Hot Yoga in York FOR NORMAL PEOPLE


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Live your life!


Live your life!

It finally feels like summer may have arrived in the UK, with the tentative promise of a few days of sunshine and warmth!

I have been very fortunate to spend a couple of weeks recently in Turkey.  The first week with a close friend of mine at Juicy Mountain, a juice and yoga retreat near Fethiye.  We survived on juices and no solid food OR ALCOHOL for 7 days.  It was a truly liberating experience and we felt amazing afterwards.  9lbs weight loss was obviously an advantage as well as clear skin, bright eyes and bushy tails!  Early morning rebounding sessions to classical music, 3 yoga sessions and meditations every day.  Mountain walks and juice demos, capoeira classes.... AMAZING!

Whilst we were at Juicy Mountain there was a terrorist attack at Istanbul airport, fortunately we were far enough away for it not to affect us, it was good to get home safely to our family and friends.

This last week I went back to Turkey with my family and some friends for a family all inclusive holiday - detox to retox springs to mind!!

Again we had a fabulous time and enjoyed amazing weather, racing down waterslides and eating ice creams! Not quite the same weight loss this time but still relaxing and great to spend time with the children to start their much needed school holidays.

As we were at Dalaman airport waiting to fly home there was a military coup in Northern Turkey and all hell broke loose.  Again we were very fortunate to be able to fly home on time as all other flights out of Turkey were grounded that evening.

So 2 weeks of holidays have definitely shown to me how precious life is and that you need to live life to the full, as you never know what is around the corner....


It's nearly February!


It's nearly February!

Where did the first 3 months go??

Crazy how fast the time has flown by since Yogabomb's doors first  opened.  

A few stats to share with you....

  • Over 300 yogis have visited Yogabomb
  • 1121 mat spaces have been taken
  • 237 yoga sessions

That's not bad going for the first 3 months!

Our first themed freestyle was a HUGE success - 80's music and Yoga definitely do mix!  February 12th is the next planned freestyle session with the theme being Old Skool Hip Hop.  Book your mat space and choose your track for the playlist!

Candlelit flow for New Year's Day was awesome, luckily no-one caught fire and everyone enjoyed a relaxing but powerful flow, such a chilled out and lovely atmosphere in the studio... watch this space for the next one

So much has happened yet I'm struggling for words to explain it all.

Yogabomb's first 3 months have exceeded my expectations, I have loved it and hated it, had highs and lows, but would do it all again no problem.  I just hope that the next 3 months can be equally amazing and the Yogabomb word keeps spreading..

Find your flow!

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Week One..... Done!



Well what a week!

The two open mornings went really well with over 60 people coming through the front door and checking out Yogabomb!

Classes started on Monday with a full to bursting timetable.

This week has exceeded all of my expectations.  We had new and old yogis signed up for every class, some amazing power flows, awesome ashtanga, demanding yin flow and great beginners classes both hot and not.  The vibe was exciting but relaxed at the same time.

The grip dot towels flew off the shelves and I think that I single handedly drank all of the water that the fridge could hold!

As the week progressed more people signed up for the introductory offers and block of classes, some people even attending 3 classes in a day!

The Yogadudes class yesterday was fabulous! 8 guys all different shapes, ages and sizes.  A few with yoga experience, others with none!  The testosterone in the room was sky high, egos were left at the door as they all pushed themselves to their max and gave their all to the postures.

The opening week ended with a lovely 90 minute Detox Flow class.  The temperature was at a moderate 30 degrees, the music calm and chilled and the twists were endless!

The workmen have moved out now so my week ahead will be filled with finding a home for all the bits and pieces, and reordering more!  The showers and changing rooms are good to go, we are 95% there!......

After teaching 19 classes this week I have to admit that I am exhausted!... But very happy!










Can yoga really change your headspace?

A few things have happened to me over the last couple of days that have made me stop and think about my mental space.  

There's a lot of things going on in my life right now, especially with the studio opening less than a week away (aaarrgghh!), having 7 house guests for 3 nights this week (double aaarrgghh!) and the school holidays (no explanation needed....), but in my opinion i do believe that i have managed to keep a sense of calm and focus whilst my head has been swimming with to do lists and the never-ending demands of family life.

Yesterday I had my much needed fortnightly chiropractic adjustment, and after a day of sitting at a screen i took advantage of the horrendous weather and traffic in town, put on my waterproof jacket and trainers and stomped through town and all the puddles forming along the way and enjoyed some fresh(!?) air which helped to clear my fuzzy brain.

I had to cross a busy road during rush hour and was waiting patiently for the green man to appear when i noticed the guy next to me.  Probs about 70 years old, smartly dressed with a small wheelie case in tow.  I was so surprised by what happened next... The green man started flashing and as we set off to cross the road there was a car that had stopped slightly over the pedestrian area as the driver hadn't had chance to turn right.  The 70 year old guy then launched into a torrent of abuse at the driver, squaring up to him at the window of his car - where his wife and young children looked out equally horrified.  This went on for the duration of the road crossing, the poor car driver had not done anything wrong, he wasn't breaking the law, there was plenty of space for us to pass by.  I so felt like telling my fellow pedestrian  that he in fact was the f***ing a****ole, not the car driver!  

Also how many times do we witness road rage nowadays?  The slightest things wind people up.  Why not let someone out at a junction, or let the other driver merge before you when 2 lanes become 1.  Does it really make that much difference?

We need to find mental calm and in the words of Frozen - 'LET IT GO'

It has made me recognise that life is so fast paced, so stressful and hectic for our society that everyone, now and again - or everyday if possible - needs to take time out to find some mental calm, otherwise we can react badly to the slightest of things that normally wouldn't bother us.  

I find my mental calm in lots of different ways.  Now that i have become more aware of my state of mind i make sure that i give myself time to LET GO and destress.  it can be anything from walking the dogs, meditation, taking a bath, going for a run or my fave....... Yoga (obviously).  Yoga is amazing at giving you the time to let all sorts of sh*t go and calm the mind - as well as giving you an awesome workout!

Come and find your mental calm at Yogabomb - i promise you it is there, you just need to tap into it....... 

That 70 year old guy needs to find some mental calm, he needs to be Yogabombed!